66 Days and Counting…

66 Days and Counting…

Let me start off by letting you know a little bit about myself. I’m your average 26 year old, with an amazing, but hyper-busy career (which I love), a fiancée (who I love even more), and a social life… Groundbreaking? Not really. I know. Like I said, average.

But with everything average, it lacks something extraordinary. That’s how we come to my physique. Very unspectacular. I’ve never been the first guy to whip my shirt off at the beach, or long for days in the sun tanning with my friends because I’ve always been slightly ashamed of the extra layer (or 3) of protective material surrounding my organs.

Since school I’ve noticed the steady decline of my shape from something sporty and somewhat athletic, to a more pasty sort of water balloon-type feel. I’ve tried so many different exercise programmes and eating plans (cutting edge techniques like not eating sugar for a week), and while I’ve seen vague results from time to time its never been anything sustainable or genuinely effective.

Stay posted for my after pic...work in progress!

Stay posted for my after pic…
work in progress!

But 2013 is my year. Gone are the excuses of having no time, or stopping by at Wil Bean Café for a quick pie. With my wedding just a cough and a sneeze away it was time I took control of my body.

So as Seagyn mentioned in his articles, we ventured off to D&H Biokineticists where we were in for a big shock.

Bertie and Dan, our fitness gurus and owners of D&H Biokineticists have partnered with Seagyn and I to guide us and monitor our progress on our separate programmes to achieve our goals.

During our initial fitness test we were assessed on our heart rates, recovery time, flexibility, and how many crunches and push ups we could mustre in a minute. It was a harsh wake up call when we discovered how long a journey we each had to walk.

We returned 3 days later for our test results, training and eating plans. This is where it all got real. Bertie ran me through my detailed analysis and provided me with a strict eating plan, but to my surprise, a very manageable exercise regime. As he was discussing my plan, he said something that will stick with me forever:

6-packs are not made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen.

Bertie helping us choose our suppsI’m sure this isn’t news to many of you, but it gave me hope. I realized there that to achieve the results I wanted(to look like superman on my wedding day) I would need to stick to my eating plan with military discipline. Not only that, I had to invest in some supplements to enhance my results. Bertie was gracious enough to accompany us to Dischem to help us choose the fuel we needed. I ended up with some awesome SSN products which I must say, have been absolutely brilliant. A quick shopping list there included whey protein, glutamine, Cytomaize, Creapump and CreaMass, all products that I use in conjunction with my eating plan and training regime.

All this to say that I am 3 weeks in, and I’m feeling amazing. My fiancée is already loving the results and I’ve started to get comments from friends and family who have noticed that I’ve begun to shed. I visit D&H again this week for a follow up and an update on my progress.

I will keep posting with updates and pics soon.

Happy reading and happy training!

ps. If you’d like to ask any questions on my training programme and my eating plan, you can ask in the comments section below. Please bare in mind however, that my training programme and eating plan were crafted specifically for my body type and the results I’m aiming to achieve.

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  1. 13 days to the wedding and you looking amazing xxx


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