Assessment at D & H Biokineticists

Assessment at D & H Biokineticists

Si and I went to D & H Biokineticists about 2 weeks ago to get an assessment done on our current state of fitness and health.

We had some interesting (read: kind of poor) results but walked away with some very useful information regarding the way forward.

Having assessed us both, Bertie and Dan have come up with an eating and training plan for the route we need to take to achieve our respective goals; you can read mine here and Si will be posting his goal to become a Men’s Health model soon.

We basically have an eating plan and a specific training plan to sort and any weak points and then to begin heading in the direction we want. We will be posting the specifics of the eating plan and training plan separately. Si will focus on lean muscle mass and I’ll be focusing on muscle performance/endurance.

I should also say that is so far the guys at D & H Biokineticists have been a great help and they have really made a huge difference already.


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