iPhone Heart Rate Apps

iPhone Heart Rate Apps


Checking your heart rate is a great way in monitoring your levels of fitness and more importantly measuring how your body recovers from exercise. For example, in my training my objective is to be able to run at 100% for about 2-3 minutes and then make a full recovery in 2-3 minutes. I then need to repeat that intensity about 3 – 4 times before taking a 10 minute break. I then repeat that all one more time.

If you haven’t realised, I’m referring to a game of touch rugby and rolling subs are supposed to work. Work hard, get off, recover, and get back on. The biggest mistake many people make in touch rugby is they stay on to long because they’ve trained for marathons… Great, so you can run slowly for 20 minutes.

This is where heart rate monitors help, you can run hard and monitor how your heart is reacting to the workout and how it recovering during the rest. You also have many options when it comes to heart rate monitoring but having it on my phone is pretty nifty and makes life a lot easier; you don’t have to strap a monitor on all the time 😉

There are many apps available that use the camera and flash on your iPhone but my favourite is Instant Heart Rate by Azumio. It tracks your heart rate over time, gives you averages so you can monitor progress and also reminds you if you haven’t checked your heart rate yet.

In fact, I measured my heart rate right now and it is 62 BPM which is not terrible for a semi-resting heart rate. My goal is to get down to the 30 BPM range when I wake up in the morning… I think it’s doable. If you haven’t already, click here to get the heart rate app. It’s totally worth the R15 price tag.

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