My Eating Plan and Supplements

My Eating Plan and Supplements

I never used to think that eating (and your eating plan) was that important to get into the shape I wanted to be and it definitely was not high in my list although I have dabbled in supplementation.

Then last year I had a little bit of a revelation and realised that what I was consuming was not actually helping my muscles grow as I was not supplying them with the nutrients they need. So last year I decided to eat more chicken and thought that was enough…

Boy was I wrong.

What I found out was that the starches I was eating (mainly white breads etc.) and the ridiculous amounts of sugar I was consuming was not actually helping my cause at all. So whilst I was training 5 times a week excluding match/practice days I was not seeing much gain and felt quite weak most of the time. What I needed to do was sacrifice the wants and only have the needs (and even add some of the needs I wasn’t actually having).

So now I’ve cut out the sugar, starchy things like bread and the bad fats (saturated and trans fats) so I can consume more of the good foods like chicken breats, veggies and low gi rice/pasta. I do get a cheat day once a week but as much as I do enjoy it there is actually a science behind it. Then of course all of this is supplemented by water water WATER!

All I can say is that I’ve seen more results in three weeks than I saw in two months last year. So my current diet is as follows:


I either have 100g outs and 4 scrambled eggs (3 egg white only and 1 whole egg) or I have something called FutureLife which is a great cereal designed to compliment this eating plan. I then have a yoghurt after either of these.

Morning Snack

I can either have 6 provitas with peanuts butter and a apple or I have a serving of SSN Lean Meal Replacement and and an apple.


I have 200g-250g Chicken/fish/super lean red meat, a cup of basmati rice and a cup of mixed veggies.

Afternoon Snack

I mostly have a serving on my SSN Lean MRP with 10 cashews or sometimes I’ll have 100g of biltong and a medium sweet potato.


This is pretty much like lunch but I sometimes swap the veggies for a large salad and the rice with 1-2 large potatoes or 100g of pasta.

Before Bed

I generally have a tablespoon of peanut butter and a serving of SSN Glutamine Powder but I’m hoping SSN release a casein protein supplement that I can replace the peanut butter with.

Workout Plan

I have a pre/intra/post workout supplement from SSN and then if I don’t have a meal within an hour I have 4 eggs (3 egg whites and 1 whole egg) and a medium potato 30 minutes after my workout.

Pre-workout: SSN N.O. Crea-Pump
Intra-workout: SSN Cytomaize
Post-workout: SSN 100% Whey Protein with a teaspoon of SSN Glutamine Powder

So that’s quite a bit of food to consume every day but it has done wonders for my muscle and strength gain. This is obviously a plan that has been designed for my current state of health and what I want to achieve.

I must also add that the SSN supplements have proven to be a great product for SI and I and we have both seem some really nice gains; they’re also a South African company which is and added benefit.

Have some great recipes for making the chicken breasts a bit more tasty etc. Leave a tip in the comments below.

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