Playing a social sport will get you fit

Playing a social sport will get you fit

Fitness can be a drag at times and it can get quite laborious and boring as well. This is especially true when you do it by yourself and get that rather painful stiffness after your first few sessions.

This is why I think playing a sport with a whole bunch of friends is a great way to get and keep fit. Having said that it is important to note that you should at least partake in that sport at a certain competitive level even if it is still social.

A few examples of this are touch rugby, soccer and action soccer, action cricket, action netball, tennis and squash. As you would have realised about all the sports I mentioned; they are relatively fun and their are plenty of leagues around that allow you to get a team together pretty easily, quickly and cheaply.

I personally play touch rugby and action soccer which gives me my fulfillment of excercise which I enjoy. I do a bit of running, cycling and Urban Fitness as well and although UFO is pretty social it is still hard core exercising.

So if you are looking at a fun way to get fit then have a look at getting a few of your friends together and entering a team. You will really enjoy it. Just bear in mind that it won’t get you super fit as the likes of UFO, running, cycling or swimming will; you will still get in to shape and enjoy every moment of it.

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