South African CrossFit Boxes

South African CrossFit Boxes

Here’s a list of South African CrossFit Boxes grouped by province. I hope this helps because I remember my search for a CrossFit Box proved to be quite hard.

If you have a South African CrossFit Box and want it added to the list below, drop a comment below.

CrossFit in Eastern Cape

CrossFit in Free State

CrossFit in Gauteng

CrossFit in Kwa-Zulu Natal

CrossFit in Western Cape

These are all the South African CrossFit Boxes that I know of. It would have helped to see which ones were in my area and read up a more about them. Remember, a CrossFit Box will become your home; it should be a place where you love spending your time and meeting people. These will be the people that you’ll probably share and do things with.


  1. Hi!
    We are also a new CrossFit in Cape Town. Pop in for a WOD whenever you’re in the Cape

    • Hi Megan,

      Cool, I’ve added your box!


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